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Media Sellers - Your Own Affordable Ecommerce Store

You compete with 1000s of other sellers on the big venues. With your own online store you have your customer all to yourself.

You might sell on Amazon, ABE, Alibris, and a host of other sites but you need a single internet address where you turn past customers into repeat customers.

Why Choose A WOBBookSite Website

  • 30 Day Refund Policy. If you decide to cancel within this time all but $20 will be refunded.
  • We can categorize your inventory for you.
  • You can upload inventory items outside of your main inventory source.
  • Paypal Payments, Amazon Payments, Credit Cards and Google Checkout ( Using Mal's e-commerce ) Checkout Options.
  • If you choose to accept Amazon Payments... Images, Item Detail and reviews are automatically displayed on your website from Amazon.
  • Once setup, your website is almost maintenance free. We read your inventory directly from The Art of Books, Fillz, or Amazon.
  • We do not create just bookstores. Other media sellers are fully supported.
  • Highly Advanced Control Panel
    • Configure the Look & Feel of almost every section of your website.
    • Enter your website text using a Word Like application.
    • Featured Item Wizard - Walks you through building the featured item code.
  • See our Benefits Page for a more complete list.

WOBBookSite News

  • Websites no longer have to be linked to Amazon.com
  • No longer required to offer Amazon Payments
  • The website can check OpenLibrary.org for images ( when not linked to Amazon )
  • Sitemaps (for search engines) can be created.
  • Support of Mal's e-commerce for Google Checkout.
  • Can upload any number of different items from multiple sources.

Where to go from here

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Message Boards - Ask questions about our service.